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thankyoubaby's Journal
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October 14th, 2006 • 1:43am

Alright. You know what?
Just no.

Interims next week. I'll admit I've sort of become a Hermione this year, and for a good cause, but I'm nervous as hell for the GNS's.

Also terrified for Grandpa's life. Fuck hospitals. And fuck old people's hearts, too. Come to think of it, fuck people in general.

I'm tired of people. I hate people in general. I hate slow-walking Asians, I hate wiggers, I hate people with black hair (Royce), my mother the majority of the time I spend at home.. and I really, really, really am getting worried about Andrew.
He's getting in to stupid fights with wiggers:
"Iunno. He put his arm on me, so I shoved him and said to never touch me again. He said "I'll do what I want" and tried to again. So *I* did it again. And then he's all "YOU WANT TO START SOMETHING, BITCH? I SHOULD KNOCK YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ASS OUT". And all kinds of fun words."
And he's been hard on himself. I mean, REALLY hard on himself. He's mean to himself and it scares me because I love him so much and he goes all out to make it seem like he's some disfigured homosexual. And he'll be like 'I DON'T DESERVE YOU'.
And other things.
But I'm not going to say them.
Because no-one really wants to know, rofl.
And they are private.
V. private.
Curious yet?

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October 14th, 2006 • 1:30am

Gaara Gaara Gaara.
I love Gaara
down in my beeeellllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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September 29th, 2006 • 1:54pm

Sorry about the silence little frenz.
I'm baccccckk

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July 7th, 2006 • 10:54am

you are just amazing even cooler than the guy below this
though you werent in a creepy movie that made me cry because the dog died
but yours did too and I love you and you are just really cool and everyone is in love with you
you think you're pimp because two girls are on your lap but you photoshopped that
I know because you're not pimp
because I pinned you to my bed and kept you there
but its okay because you'd like that
except you dis me a lot
but we love eachother so I forgive you
I dont like it when you randomly get mad at me
and you have to go to summerschool and its funny because you have to wake up at 7 every day even on weekends
I got a C- in science and I'm a hostess at Earls but you, I just love you

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June 27th, 2006 • 4:13pm

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I forget your name but you dave the babys life and you hugg the family and you are so cool.
You hit bad guys with axz and your wife died but ill be your new one
i love you so much
I just want to hug you because you dsave the baby even if you are bloddy I love you because you saved the abby and hugged the afmily and you sdaved the dog and you brough home the bacon and you are so cool and you are just so cool.
I like your facial hair and before I didnt but right now I do And kristina does too a lot.
But you have to pick one. 

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June 26th, 2006 • 1:19pm

Kay so I was eating Smarties ... and my mom looks at me and is like I dont want those im trying to watch my figure.. and I was like wtf mom.. watch figure your like 50?
Shes like what i dont want to be like one of those whales on tv.. {cause there watching some show about whales}
and then I was like wtf mom your such a fag ewh.. and shes like oh come on emmie laugh with yo mommmmmmma whos ya mamma

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June 24th, 2006 • 9:47pm

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:42:39 PM)
remind me to, when I have regained the ability to do so, violently kick Kineu in the nuts for holding a party when he knows I cannot come due to extreme drugged-up-ness and swollen cheeks

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:43:03 PM)
okay, what happened?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:43:15 PM)
wisdom teeth removal

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:44:25 PM)
bastard knew I was getting them removed. He asked me yesterday, and I told him, I said: "Kineu. I can't do anything. i can't leave my house. i am drugged beyond reasonable belief with painkillers and my mouth smells of rot."

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:44:31 PM)
so what does he do today?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:44:46 PM)
invites me to a bloody party!

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:44:55 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:45:02 PM)
well he didn't invite me to this party.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:45:16 PM)
keep this in mind: his party SUCKS without us c:

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:45:21 PM)
with girls! I don't want to miss the sheer hilarity of our first real co-ed party, because honestly, that would have made my night

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:45:44 PM)
is Bob invited?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:45:50 PM)
I don't know

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:47:20 PM)
chances are it's people like Morgan Van Dyke/Cleave/anybody else Jordan knows, because honestly, I don't think Kineu knows many girls other than Bob and her friends

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:47:35 PM)
and me, but why would I be invited?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:47:43 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:47:46 PM)
btw, read the chatlogs.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:47:48 PM)
you'll die.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:48:39 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:48:53 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:48:56 PM)
Im mad now.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:49:14 PM)
I mean, I wouldn't have gone, I would have just been bored, but I would have liked to be invited.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:49:54 PM)
I'm just pissed at him for holding one when he knew yesterday that I wouldn't be able to go

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:50:34 PM)
yeah me and Travis were supposed to go to a bonfire tonight, but like we forgot where it was so we were walking around for two hours trying to smell smoke.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:50:40 PM)
hahahah, yeah, I'd be pissed

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:53:13 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:53:30 PM)
sorry, drugged, 'member?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:53:32 PM)
bit spacey

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:53:34 PM)
are you?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:53:39 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:53:39 PM)
hahaha what'd they give you?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:53:45 PM)
painkillers of some sort

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:53:48 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:53:51 PM)
if it's T3

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:53:54 PM)
I will buy it off of you

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:53:54 PM)
plus a couple other things

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:54:01 PM)
well, I sort of require it

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:54:37 PM)
that girl on that site looks shockingly familiar

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:54:42 PM)
its a guy

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:54:46 PM)
pretending to be a girl

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:54:54 PM)
and its soooo funny.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:55:01 PM)
a bunch a creepers talk to AMBER.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:58:33 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:58:44 PM)
I shall read it at some point

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:58:53 PM)
theres like 49 convos, dude

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:59:16 PM)
right now, my brain is trying to understand how trhe hell a guy can be so hot

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:59:26 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:59:32 PM)
this is hilarious.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:59:43 PM)
its like when someones really tanked around you.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (8:59:51 PM)
I'm sorry, he makes a better looking girl than i do, and that's freakin' saying' something

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (8:59:58 PM)
its not like that dear

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:00:01 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:00:05 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:00:22 PM)
yes, so is that picture not of a guy pretending to be a girl

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:00:28 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:00:39 PM)
that picture

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:00:41 PM)
is a girl

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:01 PM)
but a guy

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:03 PM)
talks to other guys

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:09 PM)
over Yahoo instant messanger

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:13 PM)
and these guys

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:16 PM)
see her picture

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:17 PM)
and think

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:20 PM)
dirty things

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:25 PM)
but it is actually a guy.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:26 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:01:51 PM)
you should always be on drugs.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:02:27 PM)
I shoudl eb Jack Sparrow, 's who I should be

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:02:38 PM)
I like that movie.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:02:44 PM)
Jack Sparrow is strangely hot

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:02:53 PM)
dont you think so?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:03:22 PM)
I know. He is one of the very few men that I find legitimately attractive

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:03:34 PM)
would you hit that, Eric?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:03:42 PM)
I think part of that is because he's a pirate

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:03:58 PM)
Im a pirate but no-one thinks Im legitimately attractive

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:06 PM)
well, you're attractive, but you're sure as hell no Jack Sparrow

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:18 PM)
when I was hypnotized, I thought AI was Jack Sparrow

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:22 PM)
I still need to see a tape of that

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:05:24 PM)
who is Al?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:27 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:29 PM)
not al

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:30 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:05:39 PM)
I bet you did a bad job.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:05:43 PM)
I bet you sucked bad.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:45 PM)
oh, I don't know

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:05:50 PM)
at being Jack Sparrow.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:05:54 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:54 PM)
apparently, I asked for alcohol a few times

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:05:58 PM)
and had the accent perfect'

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:06:08 PM)
who hasnt asked for alcohol a few times

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:06:32 PM)
Eric I think you should change your DP.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:06:37 PM)
it's the General

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:06:42 PM)
I dont like Darth Vader.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:06:43 PM)
it's gross

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:06:48 PM)
no way am I changing the General

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:06:51 PM)
and it's not Vader

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:07:06 PM)
wanna see something hot?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:07:39 PM)
yes you do

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:07:43 PM)
why not?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:08:01 PM)
thats hot.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:08:09 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:08:50 PM)
y'know what would be hotter? GinnyxParvati. From the books, because neither is hot in the movies, but both are apparently babes in the books

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:09:19 PM)
but dnt you think HarryxDraco is hot?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:11:38 PM)
no. For one, contrary top what else has been said, I am noit a 'mosexual

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:11:59 PM)
therefore, the obgvious allure of the two is totally and utterly lost on me

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:12:23 PM)
Bonnie Wright is actually pretty ugly

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:12:34 PM)
and who is that?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:12:43 PM)
Ginny in the movies

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:12:49 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:12:53 PM)
she looks about 6.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:12:53 PM)
yes she is

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:13:02 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:13:05 PM)
but Ginny is supposed to be a ravaging redhead

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:13:12 PM)
like me

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:13:13 PM)
see what I did there?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:13:15 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:13:16 PM)
that was illiteration

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:13:25 PM)
good job Eric

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:13:30 PM)
oh, I know

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:13:45 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:13:48 PM)
she looks cute there

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:14:20 PM)
click the blue link, Eric

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:15:15 PM)
I did, and she does look better there than in the movies themselves

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:15:23 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:15:26 PM)
she looks vivacious there

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:15:28 PM)
what is a karleebum?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:15:31 PM)
really stunning

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:15:33 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:15:40 PM)
what do you think Karleebum is?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:16:22 PM)
I didn't know that Karlee's bum could be nounized, or adjectivized, or something-ized

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:16:35 PM)
do you remember who karlee is?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:17:39 PM)

Waiting for エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" to accept the file "IMG_0111.jpg" (41 Kb). Transfer time is less than 1 minute with a 28.8 modem. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Cmd+.) the file transfer.
Transfer of file "IMG_0111.jpg" has been accepted by エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7". Starting transfer...Cancel
Transfer of "IMG_0111.jpg" is complete.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:17:59 PM)
she lives in Ontario, likes Naruto

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:18:08 PM)
she's one of my bffaeaeaeasaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:18:21 PM)
I lived in Ontario. Does that make me a ninja?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:18:24 PM)
I bet it does

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:18:41 PM)
you're nothing.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:18:45 PM)
you're not a ninja.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:03 PM)
oh, come now, I'm gonna cry

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:19:10 PM)
youre a mudblood.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:20 PM)
am not

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:23 PM)
or maybe I am

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:28 PM)
I would be in Hufflypuff

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:34 PM)
I njust know it

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:19:46 PM)
what house would I be in, Eric?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:53 PM)

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:19:57 PM)
Slytherin, I bet5

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:20:09 PM)
you bet 5?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:20:13 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:20:14 PM)
like 5 dollars?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:20:26 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:20:27 PM)
and why would I be in Slytherin?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:20:44 PM)
because you're not overly brave, you aren't a genius, but you ARE ambitious

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:20:54 PM)
Slytherin is for the aspiring trophy wives

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:21:13 PM)
what else am I?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:21:14 PM)
a bitch?

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:21:46 PM)
well, no

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:22:00 PM)
Cho's a little shit, but she's in Ravenclaw, now isn;t she

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:22:18 PM)
yes but shes pretty in the movies.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:22:24 PM)
and thats all that matters.

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:22:33 PM)
well, she's ok

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:22:47 PM)
Parvati shoudl be hotter

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:23:06 PM)
Parvati and Padma should actually look alike.

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:23:14 PM)
I know the perfect twins to play them

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:23:26 PM)
Natalie and Amanda Rousseau, look them up in the yearbook, grade10

エリク (Eric)-"Rockin' future 7" says: (9:23:38 PM)

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:23:46 PM)
are you looking?

emilea, j.4th. I HAVE KARLEEBUM. says: (9:24:58 PM)

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June 24th, 2006 • 1:40am
Subject:Shalom dogs.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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June 22nd, 2006 • 3:59pm

Leave your name and:
1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on

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June 22nd, 2006 • 12:25am

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

LOOK AT HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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June 21st, 2006 • 12:48am
Subject:A Collection of my Loveliness

You are too cute, stop making that cute little face of yours.
How are you so cute?
I just dont get it!
Little seduction Fred, I love you

Andrew: Oh god.
Me: What?
Andrew: Guh.
Me: What? Did you hork?

"I'll write 30 on one boob and 32 on the other boob. ...What, the lefts slightly smaller!"
"It's the only place in a gay bar that no-one will look."

I say fuck a lot.
Marina says

"Im going upstairs and when I get to my cellphone to text you I INTEND TO STAY THERE SO DONT YOU SEDUCE ME."

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June 18th, 2006 • 8:34pm


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June 15th, 2006 • 7:09pm
Subject:Eh, yo, keeeekeeeekeeeee SHABLAM.

1, First grade teacher's name: Ms.Kelly, I remember because I barfed in the bathroom and she came in
2, Last word you said: "wise", from the sentence "oh, that's very wise."
3, Last song you sang: The Godfather - Harry and the Potters
4, Last person you hugged: My tutor
5, Last thing you laughed at: Mr. Kovitzzzzorz
6, Last time you said I don't remember: A while ago
7, Last time you swore: Two and a half seconds ago.
8, Last person that called you: Royce

9, What color socks are you wearing: two different colours- ones grey with blue and pink butterflies, one's bright green.
10, What's under your bed: A BUNCH of my fanfic stuff
11, What time did you wake up today: 6.45
12, Current taste: Ribs
13, Current hair: Wavy
14, Have you ever eaten cat food: RABBIT FOOD IS BETTER
15, Dog food: No.
16.Do you like someone: NO ONE
17, Current desktop background: Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacour)
18, Current worry: Failing my classes.
19, Current hate: Ginny
20, Current favorite article of clothing: Skirts
21, Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex: 'Physical', Tya, PHYSICAL. Personality isn't PHYSICAL. You liar.
22, Last CD that you listened to? Pantera
23, Favorite place to be: Elmos
24, Least favorite place: NO
25, Time you wake up in the morning: Umm..depends, I guess
26, If you could play an instrument, what would you play: Your mom.
27, Favorite color: Orange
28, Do you believe in an afterlife: NO
29, How tall are you: NO
30, Current favorite word/saying: 'Fuck'
31, Favorite book: OotP
32, Favorite season: SUMMER
33, One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: There is a person, but im not telling.

35, Where do you want to go for university? Anywhere.
36, What is your career going to be like: IRRITATING
37, How many kids do you want: Adopting a little boy from a 3rd world country. <3

Have you ever:

39, Said "I love you" and meant it: Yes.
40, Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish, etc: ME AND CHOU LOVE EACHOTHER
41, Been to New York: UISDFIUH
42, Been to Florida: Umm. nope.
43, Been to California: I think so yah.
44, Been to Hawaii: Yea
45, Been to Mexico: Yes
46, Been to China: Close to China, oui
48, Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: YES

52, Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? UGLY PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE BFS/GFS. I AM AN UGLY
53, What book are you reading now? Umm, a couple. Alias, The Davinci Code, Harry Potter 3, and Narnia.
54, Worst feeling in the world: Getting kicked in the cunt.
55, What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? Um. I think of a person...
56, How many rings before you answer: UH depends on how far I am/how lazy I am
57, Future daughter's name: I SHALL NOT HAVE KIDS
58, Future son's name: AGAIN, I SHALL NOT HAVE KIDS
59, Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes, Patrick the Unicorn
60, If you could have any job you wanted what would it be: FBI - Fine Boy Inspector.
61, Wish were here: Hhar.aha.
62, College plans: I dont know.
63, Piercings: A few

Extra Stuff:
64, Do you do drugs: Not anymore, bad cocaine
65, Do you drink: -slaps hand-
67, What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use: Stuff
68, What are you most scared of: WHEN GUYS GET ANGRY
69, What clothes do you sleep in: None. KIDDING
70, Who is the last person that called you: ROYCE, shut up already.
71, Where do you want to get married: I dont think I want to get married...
72, If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: DE-UGLIFIED***
73, Who do you really hate: So many people.
74, Been In Love: Yeah.
75, Are you timely or always late: If I care, on time, if I don't, never
76, Do you have a job: Nope
77, Do you like being around people: I love people. Cough cough
78, Best feeling in the world: Laughing with a huge group of mah homezzz
79, Are you for world peace: I guess
80, Are you a health freak: Haha not at all.
81, Do you have a "Type" of person you always go after: No!
82, Do you want something you don't have? Yes
83, Are you lonely right now: Yes.
84, Ever afraid you'll never get married: Yea
85, Do you want to get married: Depends..
86, Do you want kids? Noooooo

In the past forty eight hours have you...:
87, Cried: Naw
88, Bought Something: Candy!
89, Gotten Sick: No.
90, Sang: Yup
91, Said I Love You: No.
92, Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: Yes
93, Met Someone: Yup!
94, Moved On: No.
95, Talked To Someone: Ya
96, Had A Serious Talk: Nope
97, Missed Someone: Yes.
98, Hugged Someone: No =( I never get hugs. Which sucks because I love them.
99, Yelled at Someone: Yes.
100, Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: .....maybe.

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June 14th, 2006 • 3:53pm
Subject:Now alphabetical!

Character Description
Abbott, Hannah A Hufflepuff in Harry's year.
Abercrombie, Euan A Gryffindor Student who was sorted in Harry's fifth year.
Ackerly, Stewart A Ravenclaw student.
Agrippa A character on a chocolate frog card.
Alberic A character on a chocolate frog card.
Aragog Hagrid's acromantula. Currently lives in the Forbidden Forest.
Archie An old man who likes a healthy breeze around his privates (Quidditch World Cup)
Avery A death eater
Baddock, Eleanor A Hufflepuff student.
Baddock, Malcolm A Slytherin student.
Bagman, Ludo The former Wimbourne wasps beater who was accused of being a death eater and commentated at the Quidditch World Cup. He lost all his money on bets and couldn't pay his debts.
Bagman, Otto Ludo Bagman's brother.
Bagnold, Millicent The Minister of Magic that preceded Cornelius Fudge.
Bagshot, Bathilda Author of "A History of Magic".
Bane A centaur.
Barker One of the creaters of the Twigger 90 Broomstick.
Barnabas the Barmy At Hogwarts, there is a portrait of him getting clubbed by a troll.
Belby, Flavius Survive an attack by a Lethifold.
Bell, Katie One of the chasers for Gryffindor.
Benedict A middle ages muggle Franciscan monk from Worcestershire
Binns, ? The History of Magic teacher. He is the only teacher that is a ghost.
Black, Regulus Death Eater brother of Sirius Black who was killed by another Death Eater for trying to desert.
Black, Sirius Harry's godfather who was wrongly accused of killing Peter Pettigrew and twelve other muggles. He spent thirteen years in Azkaban.
Bletchley, Miles The keeper for the Slytherin quidditch team.
Bloody Baron The Slytherin ghost. Nobody knows how he got all of the blood stains on him.
Bode, Bodderick An Unspeakable at the Ministry of Magic.
Bones, Amelia Susan Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
Bones, Edgar Brother of Amelia Bones and father of Susan Bones who was killed with his wife (name unknown) working for the Order of the Phoenix.
Bones, Susan A Hufflepuff in Harry's year who's uncle, aunt and cousin died at the hands of Death Eaters.
Boot, Terry A Ravenclaw in Harry's year.
Boothby, Gladys Created the Moon Trimmer broomstick.
Bott, Bertie Invented "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans".
Bozo Photographer for the Daily Prophet.
Bragge, Barberus The Chief of the Wizards' Council in 1269.
Brande, Rudolf Captain of the Holyhead Harpies.
Brankovitch III, Elliot Fitchburg Finches seeker.
Branstone, Eleanor A Hufflepuff student.
Broadmoor, Karl Falmouth Falcon's beater.
Broadmoor, Kevin Falmouth Falcon's beater.
Brocklehurst, Mandy A Ravenclaw in Harry's year.
Brown, Lavender A Gryffindor in Harry's year.
Bryce, Frank The Riddle's gardener who was murdered by Lord Voldemort.
Buckbeak Hagrid's favorite hippogriff.
Bulstrode, Millicent A Slytherin in Harry's year.
Bundy, K. A Hogwarts student.
Barrufio Wizard who said 's' instead of 'f' and wound up with a buffalo on his chest. Also possibly the creator of Baruffio's Brain Elixir.
Cadogan Eccentric knight who's portrait is in Hogwarts.
Cappar/Cappar, S. A Hogwarts student.
Cauldwell, Owen A Hufflepuff student.
Chang, Cho Harry's crush who is a year older and is also seeker for the Ravenclaw quidditch team.
Chubb, Agatha Expert in ancient artifacts.
Circe A character on a chocolate frog card.
Clagg, Elfrida Preceded Burdock Muldoon as Chief of the Wizards' Council.
Clearwater, Penelope Percy's Girlfriend, also Head Girl
Cliodna A character on a chocolate frog card.
Connolly Irish National Quidditch Player.
Corner, Michael Ginny's former Ravenclaw boyfriend and member of the DA.
Crabbe, ? Vincent Crabbe's father and Death Eater.
Crabbe, Vincent One of Draco Malfoy's henchmen. In one word, a brute.
Cragg, Elfrida Witch whose portrait is hung in St. Mungo's.
Crapaud Character in "Helas, Je me suis Transfigure Les Pieds."
Creevey, Colin Worships Harry. He was petrified when the Chamber of Secrets was opened.
Creevey, Dennis Colin's younger brother.
Crockford, Doris A woman at the Leaky Cauldron that kept lining up to shake Harry's hand.
Crookshanks Hermione's pet who's half-cat and half-kneazle.
Crouch, Bartemius The deceased head of "International Magical Cooperation".
Crouch, Bartemius Jr. Tortured Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom and escaped from Azkaban only to stun then impersonate Alastor Moody throughout the previous schoolyear and kill his father. Received the dementor's kiss.
Davies, Roger Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, went to the Yule Ball with Fleur Delacour.
Dawlish An auror for the Ministry of Magic.
Dearborn, Caradoc Vanished working for the Order of the Phoenix and his body was never found.
Delacour, Fleur The Beauxbatons school champion.
Delacour, Gabrielle Fleur's little eight year-old sister whom Harry rescued from the depth's of the lake during hte second task.
Delaney-Podmore, Sir Patrick The leader of the headless hunt in which Nearly Headless Nick could not participate in.
Dennis He is in Dudley's little gang of big, stupid, bullies.
Derwent, Dilys A St. Mungos Healer and former headmaster of Hogwarts.
Diggle, Dedalus McGonagall suspects that he set off fireworks the day Voldemort fell. He also meets Harry at the Leaky Cauldron.
Dimitrov, ? Bulgarian National Quidditch Player
Dippet, Armando One of Hogwarts' previous headmasters.
Diggory, Amos Cedric's father who is the head of the Department of Magical Transportation in the ministry.
Diggory, Cedric One of the Hogwart's school champions who was killed by Lord Voldemort. He was a Hufflepuff house student and captain and seeker of the Hufflepuff quidditch team.
Dobbs, Emma A Hogwarts student.
Dobby Former house-elf of the Malfoy's. Now works at Hogwarts.
Doge, Elphias A wheezy-voiced wizard who is part of the Order of the Phoenix and Harry's advance guard.
Dolohov, Antonin Death Eater that tortured countless muggles and non-Death Eaters.
Domy/Dorry/ Dorny/Donry A Hogwarts student.
Dobby The Malfoy's old house elf who now works at Hogwarts.
Dumbledore, Aberforth Albus Dumbledore's brother who was prosecuted for practicing inappropriate charms on a goat and was a former member of the order of the phoenix.
Dumbledore, Albus He is the headmaster at Hogwarts and one of the most respected wizards in the world.
Dunstar, B. A Hogwarts student.
Dursley, Dudley Harry's fat cousin who is a mean, spoiled, bully.
Dursley, Marge Vernon Dursley's sister.
Dursley, Petunia Harry's long necked aunt who spends much of her time spying on the perfectly normal neighbors.
Dursley, Vernon Harry's big beefy, mean, uncle with hardly any neck who owns a drill company named Grunning's.
Edgecome, ? Marietta Edgecombe's mother who works in the Department of Magical Transportation in the Ministry of Magic.
Edgecome, Marietta Cho Chang's sneak friend who betrayed the DA
Egg, Mordicus Author of The Philosophy of the Mundane: Why the Muggles Prefer Not to Know.
Elladora Sirius' aunt that started the family tradition of beheading house-elves when they got too old to carry tea trays.
Emeric the Evil Was mixed up with Uric the Oddball in History of Magic.
Errol The Weasley family owl.
Evans, Mark A victim of Dudley's gang.
Everard A former Hogwarts headmaster.
Fat Friar The Hufflepuff house resident ghost.
Fawcett, G. A Hogwarts student.
Fawkes Dumbledore's phoenix.
Fenwick, Benjy Died while working for the Order of the Phoenix and only bits of him were found.
Figg, Arabella Doreen A squib that lives near the Durleys.
Filch, Argus The Hogwarts caretaker who is a squib and is constantly raging a war againt the students.
Finch-Fletchley, Justin A Hufflepuff boy that was one of the students to be petrified by the Basilisk in Chamber of Secrets. A casual friend of Harry's.
Finnigan, Seamus One of Harry's fellow Gryffindor friends.
Firenze A centaur who rescues Harry from Voldemort. Current divination teacher at Hogwarts.
Fletcher, Mundungus He tried to put a hex on Arthur Weasley when he had his back turns. Dumbledore also mentions him as one of the "old crowd".
Flitwick, Filius Charms teacher and head of Ravenclaw house.
Fluffy Hagrid's giant, three-headed dog.
Fridwulfa Hagrid's giantess mother.
Goldstein, Anthony A Ravenclaw student and member of the DA.
Golgomath A giant and new gurg of the group of giants.
Goshawk, Miranda Author of "The Standard book of Spells, Grade 2"
Goyle, Gregory Friend of Draco Malfoy.
Granger, Hermione A very clever Gryffindor. One of Harry's best friends and always the voice of reason for Ron and Harry.
Grawp A giant and Hagrid's younger half-brother.
Gregory the Swarmy There is a statue of him at Hogwarts.
Grenouille Character in "Helas, Je me suis Transfigure Les Pieds."
Griffiths, Glynnis Holyhead Harpie's seeker.
Grimstone, Elias Created the Oakshaft 79 broomstick.
Griphook A Gringotts goblin.
Grubbly-Plank, Wilhelmina Substitute teacher for Care of Magical Creatures.
Grunnion, Alberic On a chocolate frog card.
Gryffindor, Godric One of the four founders of Hogwarts.
Gudgeon, Gladys Writes to Gilderoy Lockhart weekly.
Gunhilda Mentioned in Goodwin Keens's letter
Gunther the Violent There is a painting of him playing Stichsock.
Hagrid, Rubeus Hogwarts gamekeeper, Harry, Hermione and Ron's friend. Teaches "Care of Magical Creatures" at Hogwarts.
Hedwig Found in a History of Magic book. The name of Harry's owl.
Hengist of Woodcroft Character on Chocolate frog card.
Herpo the Foul Greek Dark Wizard and parselmouth who was the first person to breed a Basilisk.
Hermes Percy's owl.
Higgs, Terence The Slytherin quidditch team's seeker before Malfoy.
Hooch, Rolanda The quidditch teacher at Hogwarts
Hopkirk, Mafalda Witch from the Improper Use of magic Office. She sends Harry a warning after Dobby uses a Hover charm.
Hooper, Geoffrey A Gryffindor who tried out for keeper.
Hoppy One of Newt Scamander's pet kneazles.
Horton, Basil One of the creators of the Comet broom company.
Horton, Keith One of the creators of the Comet broom company.
Horton, Randolph One of the creators of the Comet broom company.
Hufflepuff, Helga One of the four powerful witches and wizards that founded Hogwarts. Hufflepuff house is named after her.
Humberto, The Great Person on show Dudley is mad that he missed when the Dursleys and Harry are running from all of the letters.
Ivanova Bulgarian National Quidditch Player.
Jewkes, Leonard Created the silver arrow broomstick
Jigger, Arsenius Author of "Magical Drafts and Potions."
Johnson, Angelina Gryffindor student and chaser.
Jones, Gwenog Captain of the Holyhead Harpies
Jones, Hestia A pink-cheeked, black-haired witch who is a member of Harry's advance guard.
Jordan, Lee The Weasley twins' friend. Gryffindor student and announcer for the quidditch matches.
Jorkins, Bertha Witch employed by the Ministry of Magic. She was abducted in Albania and suffered a terrible fate.
Jugson A Death Eater
Karkaroff, Igor Durmstrang Institute headmaster. Former death eater now on the run from Lord Voldemort.
Karkus The gurg of a group of giants.
Keddle, Gertie Lived on the Queerditch Marsh and witnessed the evolution of Quidditch.
Keen, Goodwin Wrote to his cousin Olaf explaining and early game of Quidditch.
Kettleburn, ? Old Care of Magical Creatures teacher at Hogwarts.
Kirke, Andrew New Gryffindor beater.
Kreacher The Blacks' old house elf.
Krum, Viktor Bulgarian National quidditch team's seeker. Student at Durmstrang, dated Hermione at the Yule Ball.
Lestrange, Bellatrix Sirius' cousin and murderer.
Lestrange, Rabastan Rodolphus' brother.
Lestrange, Rodolphus Belltrix's husband.
Levski, ? Bulgarian National Quidditch Player.
Llewellyn, Dai Ward at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries is probably named after him and his biography, written by Kennilworthy Whisp, is The Wonder of Wigtown Wanderers, He Flew Like a Madman and he was eaten by a Chimaera while on holiday in Mykonds, Greece.
Lochrin, Guthrie A Scottish wizard who wrote about his broomstick flying in 1107
Lockhart, Gilderoy Former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Lost his memory. A Wizard celebrity.
Longbottom?, Algie Neville's great uncle
Longbottom?, Enid Neville's great aunt
Longbottom, Frank Neville's father who was tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange and lost his memory.
Longbottom, Neville An extremely forgetful Gryffindor student.
Lovegood, Luna An eccentric Ravenclaw student. Her father owns and publishes The Quibbler
Lupin, Remus Former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Is a werewolf.
MacDougal, Morag Student at Hogwarts mentioned in the sorting.
Lynch, Aidan Irish National Quidditch Team seeker
MacBoom Clan Said to have been transfigured into Quintapeds.
MacBoom, Quintius Said to have led to the death of Dugald McClivert.
Macmillan, Ernie Hufflepuff student; friend of Justin Finch-Fletchley, who was petrified when the Chamber of Secrets was opened.
Macnair, Walden Executioner for the Ministry of Magic and a Death Eater.
Macdonald, Mangus Started a campaign to reintroduce Creaothceann in the 1960s.
MacDougal, Morag A Hogwarts student.
MacFarlan, Hamish Montrose Magpies captain.
MacFusty Clan Dwelled in the Hebrides for centuries and have traditionally taken responsibility for the management of their native dragons.
Madley, Laura A Hufflepuff student.
Mafalda Mrs. Weasley's stock broker, second cousin's daughter who is a nosy know-it-all Slytherin.
Magorian Chestnut centaur who lives in the Forbidden Forest.
Malecrit French playwright who wrote "Helas, Je me suis Transfigure Les Pieds."
Malfoy, Draco Harry's arch-nemesis. A Slytherin student and seeker.
Malfoy, Lucius Draco's father.
Malfoy, Narcissa Draco's pale-faced mother.
Malkin, Madam Owns robe shop.
Marchbanks, Griselda Head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority, O.W.L. examiner, and a Wizengamot elder and is loyal to Dumbledore.
Mason, Mr. and Mrs. A rich builder and wife who come to a dinner party at the Dursley's on Harry's twelfth birthday.
Mauler One of Newt Scamander's pet kneazles.
Maxime, Olympe Half-giant headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy.
McClivert Clan Said to have transfigured the MacBoom clan into Quintapeds.
McClivert, Dugald Said to have dueled with Quintius MacBoom.
McCormack, Catriona Pride of Portee Chaser.
McCormack, Kirle Lead guitarist of the Weird Sisters and son of Catriona McCormack.
McCormack, Meaghan Pride of Portee keeper and daughter of Catriona McCormack.
McDonald, Morag A Hogwarts student.
McDonald, Natalie A Gryffindor student.
McGonagall, Minerva The strict Transfiguration teacher. Is Head of Gryffindor house and Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts.
McGuffin, Jim Muggle weatherman.
McKinnons, Marlene Former member of the Order of the Phoenix who was killed along with her family.
Meadowes, Dorkas Personally killed by Voldemort while in the Order of the Phoenix.
Melifua, Araminta Cousin of Sirius' mother that tried to force through a Ministry bill to make Muggle-hunting legal.
Merlin Character on Chocolate Frog card.
Midgeon, Eloise Hogwarts pupil who accidently removed her nose while trying to cure her acne.
Milly One of Newt Scamander's pet kneazles.
Mimsy-Porpington, Sir Nicholas de Nearly Headless Nick's real name.
Moaning Myrtle Unhappy girl ghost that haunts the upstairs girls' bathroom.
Mockridge, Cuthbert Head of the Goblin Liaison Office.
Moody, Alastor Former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Highly successful auror, was stunned and kept in a box throughout the entire schoolyear at Hogwarts while he was being impersonated by the late Bartemius Crouch Jr.
Moon, ? Hogwarts student mentioned in sorting.
Moony Remus Lupin's childhood nickname.
Moor, Badmin Never caught the snitch in a game in 1884.
Mopsy A batty dog lover that lives on the edge of Hogsmeade.
Moran, ? Irish National Quidditch Player
Morgan, Gwendolyn Holyhead Harpies player.
Morgana Character on Chocolate Frog card.
Mosag Acromantula who is Aragog's wife.
Mostafa, Hassan Quidditch World Cup referee, Chairwizard of the International Assosiation of Quidditch.
Mrs. Norris Filch's cat that stalks the hallways of Hogwarts in search of any rule-breaking.
Mulciber Death Eater who specialized in the Imperius curse.
Muldoon, Burdocka Chief of the wizards council in the fourteenth century.
Mullet, ? Irish National Quidditch Player
Mumps, Zacharias Set down the first full description of Quidditch in 1398.
Murray, Eunice. Montrose Magpies seeker.
Nagini Voldemort's snake.
Nearly Headless Nick The Gryffindor house resident ghost. His head is held on by a miniscule piece of flesh.
Nettlez, Z. Customer of the quikspell course.
Nigellus, Phineas Sirius' great-great-grandfather and least popular headmaster Hogwarts ever had.
Norbert Hagrid's Norweigan Ridgeback dragon.
Nott, Theodore A Death Eater equal to that of Lucius Malfoy.
Nott Jr., Theodore A Slytherin student.
Ogden, Tiberius A Wizengamot elder.
O'Hare, Darren Kenmare Kestrels' keeper and Heidelberg Harriers' captain.
Olaf Cousin of Goodwin Keen.
Ollerton, Barnaby One of the creators of the Clean Sweep company.
Ollerton, Bill One of the creators of the Clean Sweep company.
Ollerton, Bob One of the creators of the Clean Sweep company.
Ollivander, ? owns wand shop.
Oona A person from an inn mentioned in Goodwin Keen's letter.
Padfoot Sirius Black's childhood Hogwarts nickname.
Paracelsus Name of wizard depicted on a wizard trading card
Parkin, Walter His seven children were the seven original players of the team, the Wigtown Wanderers.
Parkinson, Pansy A Slytherin girl with a face like a pug.
Patil, Padma Ravenclaw student that went with Ron to the Yule Ball. Twin sister of Parvati Patil.
Patil, Parvati Gryffindor student that went with Harry to the Yule Ball. Twin sister of Padma Patil.
Peasegood, Abraham Eighteenth century wizard who invented Quadpot.
Peasegood, Arnold An Obliviator-member of the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad of the ministry of magic.
Peeves Hogwart's poltergeist.
Perks, Sally-Anne A Hogwarts student.
Pettigrew, Peter One of James Potter's old friends. Also goes by the name "Wormtail."
Pigwidgeon Ron's owl.
Pince, Irma Hogwarts' Librarian
Pittiman, Radolphus Uric the Oddball's biographer
Plumpton, Roderick Fastest player to ever catch the snitch at 3 and half seconds.
Podmore, Sturgis A member of Harry's advance guard and Order of the Phoenix member.
Pokeby, Gulliver Author of Why I Didn't Die When the Augrey Cried.
Polkiss, Piers Dudley's friend. He goes to the zoo with the Dursleys and Harry.
Porskoff, Petrova The Porskoff Ploy was named after her - was a Russian chaser.
Pomfrey, Poppy The Hogwarts school nurse. Harry sees her quite often.
Potter, Harry "The boy who lived". Harry lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin that despise him before learning that he is a wizard. He goes to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Potter, James Harry's father who was killed by Lord Voldemort.
Potter, Lily Harry's mother who was also killed by Lord Voldemort.
Potts, Nugent Quidditch referee who was pierced in the nose by an arrow.
Prang, Ernie Driver of the Knight Bus.
Prewett, Fabian Member of the Order of the Phoenix that was killed alongside his brother Gideon by 5 Death Eaters.
Prewett, Gideon Member of the Order of the Phoenix that was killed alongside his brother Fabian by 5 Death Eaters.
Pritchard, Graham A Slytherin Student.
Prod, D.J. Customer of the Kwikspell course.
Prongs James Potter's childhood nickname.
Prudence Her sister, Modesty Rabnott, wrote her a letter explaining Barberus Bragge releasing the famous snidget in 1269.
Ptolemy Character on Chocolate Frog card. Ron doesn't have this one.
Pucey, Adrian A Slytherin chaser and student.
Puddifoot, ? Owner of the tea shop in Hogsmeade.
Pye, Augustus Trainee healer at St. Mungo's.
Pyrites A Death Eater with white silk gloves.
Quigley Irish National Quidditch Player.
Quirke, Orla A Ravenclaw student.
Quirrell, ? Former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who is now dead.
Rabnott, Modesty Witnessed Barberus Bragge releasing the famous snidget in 1269.
Rackharrow, Urquhart Inventor of the Entrail-Expelling Curse.
Radulf Blacksmith mentioned in Goodwin Keen's letter.
Ravenclaw, Rowena One of the four great wizards and witches that founded Hogwarts. Ravenclaw house is named after her.
Riddle, Tom Tom Marvolo Riddle's father.
Riddle, Tom Marvolo a.k.a. Lord Voldemort - tried to murder Harry.
Rier, Evan Death Eater who died in a fight with Mad-Eye Moody.
Roberts, ? Muggle who owns a camp site.
Ronan A centaur who lives in the Forbidden Forest.
Rookwood, Augustus Death Eater who was a spy and gave Voldemort information about the Department of Mysteries.
Rosmerta, ? Bartender of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.
Ryan, Barry Irish National Quidditch Team keeper.
Scabbers Ron's rat that turned out to be Peter Pettigrew.
Scamander, Newt Author of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
Scamander, Porpentina Newt Scamander's wife.
Scrimgeour, Brutus Author of The Beaters' Bible
Shacklebolt, Kingsley Tall, Black Wizard who is an auror and in charge of the hunt for Sirius.
Shunpike, Stan Conductor of the Knight Bus.
Sinistra, ? Astronomy teacher of Hogwarts.
Skeeter, Rita Daily Prophet writer who writes horrible lies about people including Harry, Hermione and Hagrid.
Slinkhard, Wilbert Author of Defensive Magical Theory.
Sloper, Jack Gryffindor quidditch team beater.
Slytherin, Salazar One of the four whiches and wizards who founded Hogwarts. Slytherin house is named after him. He created the Chamber of Secrets.
Smethley, Veronica One of Gilderoy Lockhart's fans.
Smethwyck, Elliot Invented the cushioning charm.
Smethwyck, Hippocrates Healer at St. Mungo's.
Smith, Zacharias A member of the DA.
Snape, Severus The greasy haired potions teacher whom is head of Slytherin house and hates Harry.
Spinnet, Alicia A Gryffindor chaser and student.
Spore, Phyllida Author of "One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi."
Sprout, Pomona Herbology teacher and head of Hufflepuff house.
Stalk, Blenheim Author of Muggles Who Notice.
Strout, Miriam Healer for St. Mungo's.
Stroulger, Edward Famous Witches/Wizard Cards
Stump, Grogan Minister of Magic in 1811.
Summerbee, Felix Inventor of Cheering Charms.
Switch, Emeric Author of "A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration."
Sykes, Jocunda The first one to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean on a broomstick in 1935.
Ted Muggle news reporter.
Tenebrus Hagrid's favorite thestral.
Thickey, Janus Faked her own death by writing she was killed by a Lethifold.
Thomas, Dean A tall, black Gryffindor student who is a very good drawer.
Tofty, ? An O.W.L. examiner.
Tom Bartender at the Leaky Cauldron.
Tonks, Andromeda Sirius' favorite cousin and mother to Nymphadora Tonks.
Tonks, Nymphadora Member of Harry's Advance Guard, metamorphmagus, and auror.
Tonks, Ted Slobbish muggle and father to Nymphadora Tonks.
Travers Death Eater who murdered the McKinnons.
Trelawney, Sibyll The misty eyed Divination teacher with huge glasses.
Tremlett, Donaghan Bass player for the Weird Sisters.
Trevor Neville's toad.
Trimble, Quentin Author of "The Dark Forces: A Guide ot Self Protection."
Troy Irish National Quidditch Player.
Turpin, Lisa A Ravenclaw student.
Ugga Mentioned in Goodwin Keen's letter.
Umbridge, Delores Jane Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic and former High Inquisitor of Hogwarts.
Umfraville, Quintius Author of The Noble Sport of Warlocks.
Uric the Oddball Slept in a room containing no fewer than fifty pet Augureys.
Uric the Oddball was mixed up with Emeric the Evil in History of Magic.
Vablatsky, Cassandra Author of "Unfogging the Future."
Vance, Emmeline A stately looking witch who is a member of Harry's Advance Guard.
Vector, ? Arithmancy teacher at Hogwarts.
Viridian, Vindictus Author of "Curses and Countercurses."
Violet There is a portrait of her in Hogwarts, friends with the fat lady.
Voldemort The dark lord. Most wizards refer to him as "you-know-who" or "he-who-must-not-be-named".
Volkov Bulgarian National Quidditch Player.
Vulchanov Bulgarian National Quidditch Player.
Waffling, Adalbert Author of "A Magical Theory."
Warbeck, Celestina A popular singing sorceress.
Warrington, C. A Hogwarts student.
Weasley, Arthur Ron's father who is head of the "Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office" in the ministry.
Weasley, Bill The eldest Weasley brother. Is a charm-breaker at Gringotts.
Weasley, Charlie The second eldest Weasley brother. He breeds dragons in Romania.
Weasley, Fred and George Ron's two year older twins who are funny and beaters for the Gryffindor quidditch team.
Weasley, (Ginevra) Ginny The youngest Weasley. Has a crush on Harry.
Weasley, Molly The mother of all of the Weasley kids.
Weasley, Percy Ignatius The strict rule-abiding Weasley who now works in the Ministry.
Weasley, Ron Harry's best friend at Hogwarts. Like his five older brothers, he is in Gryffindor house.
Whisp, Kennilworthy Author of Quidditch Through the Ages.
Whitby, Kevin A Hufflepuff Student.
Widdershins, Willy Behind the regurgitation toilets.
Wigworthy, Wilhelm Author of Home Life and Habits of British Muggles.
Wimple, Gilbert Part of the Committee on Experimental Charms, has horns.
Winky Mr. Crouch's former house elf.
Wood, Oliver The former Gryffindor quidditch team's captain who now is a reserve for Puddlemere United (unknown position).
Worme, Augustus Commissioned the first edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Wormtail Peter Pettigrew's childhood Hogwarts nickname.
Wright, Bowman Created the Golden Snitch.
Wronski, Josef Wronski Feint was named after him and was the seeker for the Grodzisk Goblins.
Youdle, Cyprian Norfolk referee that died during a quidditch match.
Yvonne Aunt Petunia's friend that is vacationing in Majorca during the first book.
Zabini, Blaise A Slytherin student.
Zamojski, Ludislaw Poland's top chaser.
Zeller, Rose A Hufflepuff student.
Zograf, ? Bulgarian National Quidditch Player.

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June 14th, 2006 • 3:47pm
Subject:Madcap nights!

Wow, Emilea, a proper update.

I hate fighting with my boyfriend. I've had an absence of him for TWO YEARS, we have been going out for TWO DAYS, and I haven't talked to him for most of that TWO DAYS, and he can't make up his mind about who's fault our huge..thing (for lack of a better word, because I don't really know what happened there) was.
Apparently, the fact that in grade 7 we didn't talk at the end of the year was because I DIDN'T DANCE WITH HIM. I BROKE HIS HEART BY THAT.

In other news (I wonder how many people on this website say that?),
I have a tan.
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June 12th, 2006 • 9:50pm

Tea Kettle: Tinka Blinka, click click click, fwooshfire.

Frank Bryce: *sees light in Riddle House* Damn children…

Kettle: fwooshdoom!
Frank: Huh?
Kettle: FWOOSH!
Frank: Oh, okay. Damn kids. *walks up to Riddle House and sees big, scary clearly-not-from-fire blue light upstairs*

Nagini: Sssth, hashaasheeheth, cha cha cha cha cha.

Voldemort: Hasha, cha cha cha cha cha? Wormtail, kill the house attendant outside the door.

Wormtail: Grr, gaze into my evil MOLE of DOOM! MOLE! Cha cha!

Voldemort: Agh, you idiot! *turns towards Frank* ABRAKADAMMIT! *green flash*

*Frank dies*

Harry: *Awakens* Ahh! Snakes, moles, ugly baby!

Hermione: Harry, you were just having a bad dream.

Harry: … What the hell, how long have you been sitting on my bed?

Hermione: Only a few hours.. Say, Harry, do you ever get urges?
Harry: Dude, do you have any idea how many people ask me that in a day?

Hermione: Ron, wake up!
Ron: *mumbling* but I don't see why we should split the bill evenly, I just got soup.

Hermione: WAKE UP!

Ron: Rah, cha cha. Where are we going?

Harry: Mr. Weasley, just WHERE are we going?

Mr. Weasley: To and old smelly boot, of course. We must ride it to the World Cup.

Harry: won't that smell aweful?

Ginny: Dumbass

Fred: Idiot, gosh.

George: Harry, do you get urges?

Harry: ...

Mr. Weasley: Look, there's Amos Diggory, and his son, Cedric.

Amos: I invented pants. And cookies, Amos Cookies.

Cedric: No you didn't…

Amos: I also invented the internet. And pants.

Mr. Weasley: What the hell is a cookie?

Hermione: Look, an old dilapidated boot! Let's go feel it, rub it, squeeze it, and call it George.


Harry: Yeah!

Ginny: Yeah!

Fred and George: Yeah!

Amos and Arthur: Yeah!

Cedric: … my grand slam was supposed to come with sausage.

*all grab boot*

Boot: You may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see…

Harry: man, wrong prop.

Boot: Oh… the sorting hat is my brother, you know.

Arthur: Don't care, fling us up into the air, grab our bowels, and shoot us off to the middle of a wizard-infested camp ground!

Boot: Harry, do you get urges?

Harry: no…

Boot: oh, dammit. *flies into the air with the group handing on to it.* Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this is for me?

*all people fall off*


Hermione: Harry, about those urges…


*all fall on ground*

Harry: Ron, what are you talking about? Remember that one fan fiction on the same sex pairings section of MNFF we were in? Eh, eh, remember? You got pregnant, eh, eh?

Hermione: Dudes, look at all the groovy people with the tents and the colors and the stuff!

Arthur: let's go to the tent, shall we?

In the middle of the camp grounds is the most pathetic tent you've ever seen. It is five feet square.

Harry: how the bloody duck are we fitting in there?

Arthur: *winks at Harry* We'll manage.

*all pile into tent, save for Harry. After everyone gets in Harry goes through the curtain and sees that the tent is indeed five feet square with six full-grown wizards back-to-back.*

Harry: Yeah, I think I'll sleep outside. Gah, use magic, bitches.

Arthur: STFU, Harry. Anyway, not a moment to waste, we need to get to the Quidditch Game! It's only a minute long, you know.

Harry: Ahh, dammit. Come on, it would only take five minutes to do.

Arthur: Now, Harry, I don't make the rules. You can blame that on Mike Newell.

Harry: What a slut!

Announcer: and introducing Viktor Krum!

Krum: *waves* Haha, and world peace!

*match ends, screaming in the distance*

Ron: Heh, sounds like another Irish woman is giving birth.

Arthur: Wait, that isn't an Irish woman… it is the distinct sound of EVIL!
Ron: isn't that what I said?

Arthur: everyone, get out of the tent before it explodes!

Harry: OMG, ANARCHY! DUDE, someone trampled me and I have passed out. Soooo not cool.

Barty Crouch Jr.: MandiMooresdor!

Harry: Wicked…

Ron: Harry!

Hermione: Harry!

Ron: Harry, don't die! You never answered the question about your urges!

Harry: I'm fine, luckily this dead, homeless muggle broke my fall.

Hermione: That's fortunate.

*from all directions* RED WOOSH, BLUE WOOSH, OMG WOOSH!

Arthur: Don't kill the red-headed one, he's my son! Take the scarred one and the one with the hair-that-should-totally-be-frizzy-but-isn't!

Barty Crouch: Which one of you conjured it? Eh, EH? You, boy, with the urges!

Harry: Dammit, I thought I was concealing them pretty well.

Arthur: Barty, think logically… Harry couldn't have done it, he's Harry Potter! It would be like Hitler wearing a peace sign across his chest. It must've been Hermione.


Hermione: Technically, you're a witch too…

MoM Wizard: No… NO, SHE LIES! I am a good conservative catholic! Really, I am!

Barty: Oh.. burn him…

Harry: Dude, it totally wasn't Hermione. It was some guy. And what is this conjured thing you speak of

Hermione: Harry? Harry? See the big skull in the sky with the snake slithering out of it? Yeah, that's the dark mark.

Harry: Do you mean to say, that that mark, the one conjured by the random creepy guy, is up in the sky with a snake slithering out of its mouth?

Hermione: …

Harry: Which must mean… TO THE BATMOBILE!

Ron: No, it's You-Know-Who's SIGN.

Harry: I know! It's Voldemort's SIGN!

Ron: NO… WAY…

*Hogwarts Theme Music – train whistle*

MadamLadyOFood: Anything off the trolly?

Ron: Yeah, I'll have two dozen chocolate frogs, four pumpkin pasties *sniggers, haha, pasties*, eight cauldron cakes, three vats of pumpkin juice, and a cockroach cluster. *digs into pockets*… Oh, I guess I'll just have a pumpkin pasty *HAHAHAHA, PASTY!*

Harry: I'll have what he said, but I'll actually have it, and I'll have double.

MadamLadyOFood: Alright, that will be 11932 galleons, please.

Harry: WTF!?

MadamLadyOFood: Hey, the cost of gas for this train is expensive!

Cho: I'll have a pumpkin pasty.

Harry: *sniggers* Pasty… Whoa, you're eyes are so pretty.

Cho: Harry, your epidermis is showing!

Harry: OMG, WHERE?! Oh.. bitch.

At Hogwarts

Harry: Look, a flying carriage!

Hermione: Look, a ship in the lake… Coming from UNDER the water.. NO… WAY…

Ron: I got a rock.

Dumbledore: So, yeah foo's, I was all “GET OUTTA MY GRILL FOO, and he was all “gimme a sumtin sumtin”. And now it is my pleasure to introduce the lovely ladies of Box-Buttons!

*fluttery sounds, dancing, combined erection of all males in Hogwarts*

Hermione: *looks at Ron's pants* That is SO disgusting!

Ron: Ya think so? I'll show you mine if you show me yours, Harry.

Harry: I don't have a dark mark, Ron.

Ron: I know.

Dumbledore: And now the proud sons of Durm-strangle.

Girls in great hall: is it just me or is every one of the Durmstrangle people REALLY ugly?

Hermione: Krum is such a whore. Look at him and his chisled abs, his sculpted chin, and that tight ass.

Dumbledore: So, foos, Barty was all, “You shall be playing host to the Tri-Wizard Tournament this year”, so I was all, “Yeah, let's DO IT!”

Krum enters into competition

Fleur enters

Cedric enters

Harry doesn't..

Dumbledore: And from Boxbuttons.. Fleur Delacore!

And from Durmstrangle: Viktor Krum (dude, did anyone else realize that nobody else from Durmstrangle entered?

And from Hogwarts… CEDRIC DIGGORY!

Cedric: NO… WAY… Harry, do you get urges?

Dumbledore: and that concludes the… OMG, THE GOBLET IS ON FIRE!

*catches random name*


Harry: if they can't see you, you're invisible, like a duck, or a penguin, or a frog, or a


Harry: … shit

Students: cheater, traitor, liar, slut, bitch, WHORE!

*Harry goes into inauspicious room of doom*

Dumbledore: Harry, how did you do it?! Did you put your name in the cup?!

Harry: Uh.. no.

Madam Maxime: Of course he did, the dirty little wanker.

Harry: Dude… you are so… robust.

Maxime: Harry, do you get urges?

Ron: So, it turns out that you have to do this even though you're gonna die?

Harry: Yeah…

Ron: I hate you! I hate you and you should die! DIE!

Harry: …

Rita Skeeter: How much does it suck to be in a tournament where it is almost certain that you will die, Harry?

Harry: can you tell me again why we're in a broom closet?

Rita: So, it's tough knowing that your imminent doom approaches with the first task of this tournament?

Harry: when did I say anything about –

Rita: well, that concludes this photo shoot

Harry: are you even listening to me

Rita: How precious, he craves attention.

Harry: *looks at quick quotes quill* I do not look up to you with great admiration and suffer from urges!

Roo roo, evil classroom of doo doo, roo roo doom, Madeye

Madeye: Haha, teehee, there are three kinds of unforgivable curses. What are they? Miss Granger.

Hermione: Imperius, Death Curse, and Crucio.

Madeye: Yes, and why are they called that, Neville?

Neville: Uh… because they're unforgivable?

Madeye: Exactly, ten points to Gryffindor! Now, let's manipulate and cause emotional trauma to some cave spiders, shall we?

Neville: AHH, NO, OH ME GA… Momma? Papa?

Fans: that is in such bad taste…

Greg: Yeah, well… SHUT UP!

Hermione: Seamus told me to tell you that Ron said that Dobby was looking for you so he could tell you that you need to go see Parvati right away so she can tell you about what Dean wants to tell you about Hagrid needing to see you.

Harry:… Well, tell Ron..


Harry: *turns to Neville who is knee-deep in poop* Women. Can't live with ‘em, can't turn them into flaming piles of

Neville: gillyweed?

Harry: Uh… I was gonna say shit, but okay.

Harry: Hey Hagrid, you needed me?

Hagrid: Yeah, follow me. And put on the invisibility cloak.

Harry: Hagrid… you smell like dead fish and your hair looks aweful… Are you going on a date?

Hagrid: STFU, look, dragons.

Harry: The first task is DRAGONS?!

Hagrid: Yep.. Look, they like eachother!

*dragons try to scorch eachother*

Harry: How… cute?

Hagrid: Ahh, they're hugging!

Harry: Hey, Cedric, the first task is dragons

Cedric: That totally sucks.

Harry: Yes

Cedric: Indeed.

Harry: Shallow.

Cedric: and pedantic.

Harry: Yes

Madeye: if you summon it, it will come.

Harry: Mr. Moody, that is NOT the way you talk to students.

Madeye: I'm talking about your broom.

Harry: GROSS!



Madeye: Quidditch


Madeye: Harry, just summon the broom to get away from the dragon.

Harry: Oh, okay.

Dragon: Harry, I am so gonna kill you.

Harry: Nuh uh, sister, I kill YOU!

Dragon: *breaks loose*

Harry: *summons broom*

Dragon and Harry: *fly around castle*

Harry: *falls*
Dragon: WHOOSH

Tea Kettle: WHOOSH
Dragon: Harry, do you get urges?

Harry: NO *maneuvers and dragon dies*


Harry: *gets golden egg*

Harry in common room: DO YOU WANT ME TO OPEN IT?!

Common room: YEAH! DO IT!

Harry: *opens egg*

Cyndi Lauper: Maybe he'll know I'm not so sure maybe he'll know, well maybe he'll be my cure

Collected voice of common room: CLOSE IT!

Ron: what the bloody sex was that?

Harry: what, you talking to me now?

Ron: apparently

Harry: cool

Random kid: Mr. Weasley, you have a package.

Ron: Oh, thank you, Nebakenezer. Wait, why didn't an owl deliver this.

Nebakenezer: I'm a producer's son.

Ron: ahh… *opens box* OMG, MY DRESS ROBES CAME IN!

Nebakenezer: *oggles*

Ron: Away with you, ya grubby little wanker.

Harry: OOH, lemme see.

Ron: *pulls out frilly pink dress robes*

Harry: Man, they accent your manly eyes.

Hermione: Yeah, they go especially well with your Aunt Mildred.

Ginny: Burn!

Ron: Yeah, well… You're ugly!

Hermione: Hah, you won't be thinking that when you see my cleavage later on in the movie.

Ron: Huh?

Hermione: Oh, nothing…

McGonagall: Welcome to dance classes for the Yule Ball. Everyone, line up against the wall and watch Ron dance with me. Ron, place your left hand upon my right butt cheek .

Ron: WHERE?!

McGonagall: JUST DO IT!

Ron: *places hand reluctantly*

McGonagall: Yeah, that's the stuff.

Ron: Dude, we need dates.

Harry: No kidding.

Ron: Hey, Hermione, you have breasts..

Hermione: NO… WAY…

Ron: Wongobawime? I mean, if I show up alone, who cares.. but if you do? You'll look like suck an unwanted whore.

Hermione: No, I am already going, thank you very much! *storms off*

Ron: …Bitch…

Harry: Hey, Cho.

Cho: Hello, Harry

Harry: Well, umm.. I know this isn't the best place to talk, seeing that it's covered in 9593 years worth of bird feces, but… I was wondering if you wongobawime?

Cho: Oh, I'm sorry, Harry, I'm already wongobawimating with someone else.

Harry: Oh… who?

Cho: Your mother!

Harry: …

Cho: Say, Harry, do you get urges?

Harry: Not anymore, bitch.

Ron: Dude, I still haven't been able to get a date.

Harry: Yeah, same here. Every time I ask a girl out to the ball she asks if I get urges…

Ron: Harry, do you get-

Harry: Stop… now.

Parvati and Padma: ‘ello, Harry.

Harry: Hi *thought pops up* what a sweet ass.

Parvati: Ooh,

Padma: thanks!

Harry: Wongobawime and Ron?

Padma: That sounds

Parvati: Dashing! *both walk away*

Ron: Damn, they're creepy.

Harry: Well, do you want to get laid or not? They are practically the biggest sluts in Hogwarts.

Ron: Good point.

Harry: Arrives at ball.

Ron: What the hell, you just said that out loud. It's supposed to be in asterisks.

Harry: *Oh yeah*

Ron: What, are you dyslexic or something?

McGonagall: Harry, you have to dance first with your partner.

Harry: Uh…

McGonagall: Didn't I tell you that?

Harry: No…

McGonagall: Oh.. well.. TOUGH SHIT!

Parvati: It's okay, Harry, you can do it!

*Hermione walks down steps*

Padma: I am so hot for Hermione right now.

Ron: Me too


Viktor Krum: Turbohiney, take my hand.

Hermione: It's Her-My-Oh-Knee. Hermione.

Krum: Come, Turbohiney, we dance.

*four champions and their partners get on the dance floor*

Parvati: Harry, grab my ass!

Harry: Oh yeah.

*music starts playing*

Parvati: Harry, you broke my toe!

Harry: Oh, sorry, I was too busy staring at Hermione's boobs.

*hard rock starts playing*

Band guy: If I dance tonight, take my hippogriffin tonight. Oh yeah, tonight.


*Dance ends*

Parvati: Are you going to dance with me or not?

Harry: No…

Durmstrangle guy: May I take your hand?

Padma: Take my leg, head, elbow… ANYTHING.

Durmstrangle guy: *pulls out large knife*

Padma: I thought you wanted to dance!

Durmstrangle guy: No, I'm just hungry.

Ron: *mutters something about Hermione*

Harry: …

Hermione: I am so gonna kill you.


Hermione: DIE!


Hermione: Oh, okay then.

Fans: Is this turning into a porno?

Hermione: Harry, the task is in two days and you haven't even tried to work out the egg's clue?!

Harry: I forgot…

Hermione: Holy shit, you're gonna die… YOU'RE GONNA DIE!

Harry: Thanks, I can always count on you to make me feel better.

Cedric: Hey, Harry, go take a bath.

Harry: Are you implying that I smell bad?!

Cedric: Well, no, but now that you mention it… you haven't washed yourself in the books… ever…

Harry: Good point.

Cedric: Seventh floor, Prefect's bathroom, tickle the pear.

Harry: Got it.

Cedric: ...and take your egg.

Harry: …

Cedric: Just do it.

Harry: *gets to seventh floor, tickles the pear*

Pear: Teehee, you tickled me.

Door: *opens* creakyeakycreaky

Bath: *gurgles*

Myrtle: *Myrtles*

Harry: *uh... hurtles?*

Mermaid: *Mermaidles*

Harry: *turns on bubbles* Hey, Myrtle, go away.. you are so creepy.

Myrtle: Stick your egg under the water.

Harry: I um.. plan to.

Myrtle: No, the gold one

Harry: I think I said that *winks*

Myrtle: the dragon egg!

Harry: I don't mean to boast, but, hehehe.

Myrtle: Dude, the one that you stole from the dragon in the tournament.

Harry: Yeah, that's the one I was talking about…

Myrtle: Oh, I thought you were releasing your pent-up sexual desires on me.

Harry: *opens egg above water*

Cyndi Lauper: When the working day is done girls - they want to have fun oh girls just want to have fun

Myrtle: AHH, KILL ME AGAIN! Put it under the water!

Harry: *puts egg under water*

Egg: Oh, you may not think I'm pretty…

Harry: Agh, this happens too much with the talking props.

Egg: oh, right… Seek us where are voices do not suck, where we cannot drive a truck. We've taken something that you love, and I don't think that it's a glove.

Harry: … shit.

Hermione: So, you just have to breathe under water for about two hours.. So what, you can hold your breath.

Harry: Erm… no?

Ron: Maybe you could get a REALLY big straw..

Madeye: Ron, Hermione… go jump in the lake.

Hermione: But Harry…

Madeye: You leave Harry to me!

Ron: *whispers to Harry* If he hits on you, kick him in the nuts!

*Ron and Hermione Leave*

*Neville enters*

*Madeye leaves*

Harry: Wtf… Neville, do you know how to make me breath under water for two hours?

Neville: Just eat some okra.

Harry: That seems a bit too easy.

Neville: Well, you'll have to eat a LOT of okra…

Dumbledore: so yeah, you foos have do go find sumtin cool in the water and come out wit if first. First to come out alive doesn't suck. And off you go!

Harry: *shoves okra down his throat*

People: *laugh*

Harry: *dives into water*

Crowd: Haha! He's gonna die!

Harry: OH ME GEE, NO BREATHE.. Oh wait, I have fins, gills, and a.. TAIL.. Wait, I had that before… I can stay under here forever!

Neville: Oh my God.. I've murdered Harry Potter by accident.

Harry: *flips out of water into air* I'm the king of the world! And I don't even need a hippogriff this time! *dives into water*

Weeds: Haha, I tangle in you.

Water: Haha, I go in through your neck flaps

Mer-People: We are so incredibly ugly :(

Harry: *sees four people totally made out of wax attached to poles in the water.* Okay, why is Ron the thing I treasure most?

Merman: I dunno…

Cedric: I have a big head.. BIG HEAD!

Fleur: My bubble popped.. SHIT!

Krum: I am going to EAT YOU! Haha, just kidding, I cut rope with head and take Turboninja.

Harry: I want Ron and random blond Veela.

Merman: NO

Harry: I kill thee!

*takes Ron and Veela up to surface*

Dumbledore: Because Fleur sucks and Krum cut Hermione's foot off while saving her, Harry Potter gets second place for Moral Fiber!

Harry: Effing sweet.

Hermione: Harry, I'm scared for you… the third task is in an hour!

Harry: what is with you and always pointing out the obvious?

Hermione: *hugs Harry*

Rita Skeeter: aww, young love.

Fans: Uh.. wasn't this supposed to happen two tasks ago.

Greg: … no…

Dumbledore: Dude, the third task is a maze? What a freakin' rip! How is it harder to get through a maze than to kill a dragon?

*Madeye whispers something to Dumbledore*

Dumbledore: Oh, carnivorous bushes, right… Well, Harry and Cedric go first because they are from Hogwarts, and I am just good like that. Second goes Viktor Krum, and third goes Fleur Delacore, because she SUCKS!

*bushes start whispering obscenities*

Madeye: You get em, Tiger.

Harry: Yeah… *walks into maze to instantly be confronted by a mysteriously closing bush* … shit. *starts running*

Bushes: Come to us Harry, we love you, we want to help you, we want to KILL you.

Harry: I swear something just like this happened to me in my second year…

Bushes: WHOOSH!


Bushes: I EAT YOU!

Harry: Nuh uh, bitch, I eat you! *grabs out fork and salad dressing* I MAKE SALAD OF YOU!

Bushes: …Shit…

Other thing, not bushes: Come to me Harry, I will help you get the cup.

Harry: No, I will make salad of you too!

Other thing: I am made of mist, not vegetables.

Harry: Garden-fresh spritz!

Fleur: AHH, RAH RAH SNABBLE AHHH! *high pitched scream*

Harry: Oh no, Fleur screaming… I'll save you!

Krum: My eyes are glazed over, I am clearly possessed. I SHALL EAT YOU!

Harry: Oh no! Krum all ballistic, cannibalistic, crazyazy!

Cedric: *confundalates Krum* Oh, the dramarama.

Harry: Crazyazy

Cedric: Snabbleabble.

Harry: Okay, enough of that.

Cedric: Right.

*in the distance: the cup, omg the cup*

Harry: I fight you to it!

Cedric: GRR! *elbows Harry in left eyeball*

Vines: Haha, not if I trip you. *grabs Cedric*

Cedric: Harry, I know I was just trying to kill you, but SAVE ME!

Harry: Hmm… I dunno…

Vines: You don't want to save him, I want to eat him.

Harry: No, vines, I eat you like salad! *grabs out fork and salad dressing*

Vines: …Shit…

Cedric: Dammit, Harry, you eat salad like a mad man!

Harry: Well, how do you think I maintain this figure?

Cedric: Look, the cup!

Harry: We'll take it at the same time.

Cedric: Okay… one – two- THREE *both grab cup*

Cup: Haha, I'm a portkey… Bet you didn't see that one coming!

Harry: Hmm.. we're in a grave hard and my scar hurts… interesting.

Cedric: Wow… this is cool!


Cedric: *dead*

Harry: In the words of Darth Vader, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Wormtail: Bone of father, taken from creepy graveyard, foot of servant taken willingly, blood of enemy taken unwillingly. *chops own foot* AHH.. AHHH! WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS WOULD HURT SO BAD?! AHHH! *hobbles over to Harry, not crying anymore because chopped off appendages feel fine three seconds after choppage… everyone knows that*

Wormtail: *slice*

Harry: *sliced* Ouch man, so not cool.

Voldemort from inside rags: come here and plop me into the cauldron.

Wormtail: *plop*

Voldemort: *grows, deforms, and changes into a dude with no nose* OMG, I can do the moonwalk now!

Harry: ahh, scar burns, AHH!

Voldemort: fight me Harry, with all of my magically appearing death eaters around me!



*wands meet, entities fly out of Voldemort's wand*
James Potter: Harry, go to the cup
Lily Potter: Yeah, do it
Frank: My grand slam was supposed to come with sausage.. Where the hell is my tea? Am I dead?
Cedric: take my back to my father… he invented pants

Harry: okay *discontinues cool spelly thing and runs to cup with the corpse of Cedric with him*

Portkey: Haha, poof I go, back to Hogwarts

Voldemort: Harry, do you get urges?!


Dumbledore: Oh, superfluous penguins, this can't be good.

Harry: *sob* I am so effing bad at crying *sob* HE'S BACK!

Dumbledore: Who's back?!


Crowd: Oh shit…

Amos Diggory: MY SON! MY SON IS DEAD!

Fans: Is there any way possible to make that funny?

Greg: Nope... Really, I tried and it had more bad taste than this entire parody altogether.

Madeye: Harry, come with me.

Harry: Uh… no?

Madeye: Do it or I'll kill you.

Harry: Oh, okay.

*in Madeye's office*

Madeye: What did Voldemort smell like? Did you taste him, what did he taste like? I NEED TO KNOW!

Harry: Uh… like strawberries and garlic chicken… for both of your question.

Madeye's face: Gurgle gurgle

Madeye: Shit…

Dumbledore: *breaks into office* I so kill you.

Madeye/Barty Jr.: haha, Look, man, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Dumbledore: …

Barty Jr.: *lifts up sleeve to reveal mark*

Dumbledore: Oh, thank God.. Say, Harry… do you get urges?

Harry: …

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June 7th, 2006 • 7:39pm
Subject:Fucking yeah

Brandon.: have you seen 8 mile?
Brandon.: oh man
Brandon.: i enjoyed that movie
Me: his palms are sweaty
Me: knees weak
Me: arms are heavy
Brandon.: arms are heavy
Me: theres varmin on his sweater already
Brandon.: moms spaghetti
Me: mom's spaghetti
Brandon.: hes nervous
Me: hes nervous
Brandon.: but on the surface
Me: he's calm and ready
Me to drpo bombs
Brandon.: to drop bOMBS
Me but he keeps on forgetting
Brandon.: what he wrote down!
Me: what he wrote down
Brandon.: the whole crowd goes so loud
Me: he opens his mouth
Me: but the words wont come out
Brandon.: but the words wont come out
Brandon.: hes CHOKIN NOW
Brandon.: lol
Me: the clocks' run out
Brandon.: times up
Brandon.: over
Brandon.: PLOWWW
Brandon.: SCURVYYY
Me: snap back to reality
Me: oh there goes rabbit
Me: he choked
Me: he's so mad bu the won't
Me: give up that
Me: cause he knows...
Brandon.: my ghetto goddess

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June 4th, 2006 • 9:11pm
Mood: cold

It's free so if you don't go you better have a plausable excuse... Brian.
It'll be fun.

Oh and also
read my fanfiction.
I haven't got much of it done, only 36 pages, but if you read it I'll love you forever.

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June 4th, 2006 • 12:17am

Two days until 6/6/06.
My birthday.
Yeah, everyone can see me as the AntiChrist.
Can't you?

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May 28th, 2006 • 4:12pm
Subject:All of you shut up.

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May 28th, 2006 • 12:39am
Subject:"If you can't fix it, You've got to live with it."
Mood: drained

We've all heard it and seen it before.
"This is who I am, and I don't care about what you think!"
I myself remember saying those exact words. I was picked on for a while as a child, and I would act like I wasn't hurt at all, hoping no one would think so.

This quote I have read everywhere, even on Nexopia--it's usually posted on the pages that belong to little angstful teenager goth-wannabes that are wearing makeup that makes them look like clowns or pandas rather than goths, no offense to any goths present.

It applies to everyone, I'm sure that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU has said that you dont care about what other people think of you. Because...

Let's face it. Everyone's insecure. Whether it be something little or something HUGE, everyone's got SOMETHING they'd rather not show. By saying that they dont care about it, they are just putting up a wall to hide it.

A perfect example of this is that I actually inquired to a girl who had that exact same quote on her website. She replied, saying that a life full of being bullied and abused had made her defensive and thus made her say stuff like that. Her wall was as huge as perhaps the Berlin Wall, maybe even the Wall of China.

However, it's the reason people dress the way they do, the reason why they do thier hair a certain way, talk a certain way, behave, listen to music, eat... It's freakin' HUMAN NATURE to care about what others think.
No one would say it if they TRULY did not care. If you don't care about something, then why would you post it on a website? By yelling to the world that you don't care about what others think of you, you're just proving to them that you do. No one would have probably noticed until you mentioned it.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
If someone teases or comments to you about something, maybe take it into consideration to help improve it, or think about this---the person is probably teasing you to avoid thier own insecurites. If someone is hurting your feelings, work it out between you and the person. It usually turns out bullies are the most insecure out of all of us, and are just projecting it onto other people.

And some people just have big sticks up thier asses that are so far up they need to be surgically removed. Think nothing of them, or at least do them a favor and call a doctor.

If you're nice to people that are mean to you, they're the ones that will look stupid, and not you.

Everyone hurts. Don't make a big to-do about pretending that you don't, because everyone knows you're faking anyway and you're just showing people youre hurt by saying you aren't.

Before I start repeating myself, in short, if you put up a wall, don't say that you don't have one.

And for the love of god, why is only one BOY I know that is absolutely lovely and sweet and the kindest person I have ever met, taken? And why is he so nice to me? What is so special about me?
I don't like this boy, I don't in the least, but:

No one else no one else. says:
I think my face looks like a tomato.
!Legna Neveah says:
...i think your face is so cute
!Legna Neveah says:
well homeslice
!Legna Neveah says:
im going to bed
!Legna Neveah says:
cuz im effin tierd
!Legna Neveah says:
!Legna Neveah says
and we need to chill sometime
Legna Neveah says:
goood night
!Legna Neveah says:
!Legna Neveah says:
and b4 i leave
No one else no one else. says:
!Legna Neveah says:
please dont cry over the fags you dated, because any guy whos actually dating you is so lucky and if he takes you for advantage and cheats on you or hurts you is going to hell anyway for being mean to someone as beautiful and nice as you
No one else no one else. says:
oh my goodnesssss
No one else no one else. says:
thanks buba
No one else no one else. says:
with two bs
No one else no one else. says:
youre reallyyyy reallllyyyy nice!
!Legna Neveah says:
and any guy who could even concider cheating on some one as nice as you, should die
!Legna Neveah says:
!Legna Neveah says:
thanks hun
!Legna Neveah says:

(Ignore the stupid boxy things, btw, I dont know how to get rid of them)
I've never known kindness like that.
The fact that someone actually thinks I'm really pretty is beyond me. Eurgh.

I'm sick and tired of being judged and having to go through so much crap in the course of a year.
The only things that keeps me sane are Kimberlie and the letters I get from Devon Murray, who is the hottest man I have ever seen in my life.

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I'm sorry
But WOW.
He's a really big sweetheart, too, and he's about the only guy who's important to me right at the moment; I have no interest in any one else.
Besides, er, assorted Harry Potter characters INCLUDING Seamus (L).

Also, Sophie deleted me off of her Nexopia friends lists and that really saddens me for some reason.
Maybe because she was the only person who kept me happy for a while, while I sat there and listened to her talk, completely mezmerized by how nice she was to me.

She must have figured I'm a fucking retard who has no idea who she is or where she is going in her life.
I cant really describe it.
It's a weird sadness and it's been haunting me for most of the week.

"Chicks cannot hold their smoke, that's what it is."

"Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude.
If you say you have you're a slut. It's a trap.
You want to but you can't, and when you do you wish you didn't, right?"

"I don't screw to get respect,
thats the difference between you and Me."

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May 16th, 2006 • 6:45pm


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May 6th, 2006 • 7:20pm
Mood: bitchy

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Copyright WIZZART motherfuckers, I did not draw this/come up with the idea that Voldeypoo is a pimp. I just think it's fucking hilarious.

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April 30th, 2006 • 3:48pm
Subject:BEE EFF EFF.

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My best friend is amazing.

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April 26th, 2006 • 6:05pm
Subject:Tyra (L). and something interesting.

Why are you so pretty...?


I dont date unless I really love someone
Michael -- Karly (L)says:
cool that is awesome way to live

is it?

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